Green Industrial Manufacturing Ecosystem, LLC

Our Vision: To establish green industrial manufacturing as the new socially and environmentally conscious future of manufacturing in America.

Green Industrial Manufacturing Ecosystem (GIME), LLC was founded to create a regional ecosystem of socially- and environmentally-responsible manufacturing businesses to realize a reform of the area’s heavy industrial past in the green industrial sector. GIME’s intention is to develop property for industrial use, incubate green manufacturing startups, accelerate existing green manufacturing businesses, and offer supportive services to members of the GIME, LLC ecosystem. 


  1. Redevelop legacy manufacturing properties to meet the needs of new businesses.
  2. Build production capacity for manufacturing startups in our incubator space.
  3. Provide supportive services to encourage member company growth


GIME is still developing membership options, but hopes to roll out a membership model in 2023. Membership will be open to companies in Northeast Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and Northern West Virginia that are currently operating a green industrial manufacturing company, desire to transition to green industrial manufacturing, or support the supply chain for green industrial manufacturing. Additionally, membership will be extended to community members who are passionate about redeveloping our region’s underutilized facilities to promote green manufacturing.